Sunday, February 7, 2010

As the PCC functions - First Command of the state of São Paulo

The PCC is today the biggest criminal faction of the country. Created inside of the chain and always led by a group of prisoners, the First Command of the Capital appeared in 1993 and calculates itself that today it has about 130 a thousand representatives, inside and outside of the arrests. The organization also is identified by numbers 15.3.3; the letter " P" letter of the Portuguese alphabet and the letter is 15ª " C" it is third. Today the organization is commanded by fugitive prisoners and mainly in the state of São Paulo. A true “union of the Crime” that commands rebellions, escapes, rescues, assaults, kidnappings, murders and the traffic of drugs. It is in the sales of marijuana and cocaine that are its bigger invoicing. The load robbery and the assaults the banks also fatten the “box” of the PCC. E we speak in much money. In March of 2006, a document found for the policy, showed that in that one month the invoicing of the faction, in only one of the book-boxes, arrived the R$ 1,2 million. Although it has been born in São Paulo, where its power is bigger, the PCC also it invaded the “borders” and it is present in some Brazilian states, as Rio De Janeiro, Bahia, Alagoas, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso of the South, Paraná, Minas Gerais and Rondônia. In May of 2006, in deposition the Legislative committee of Inquérito (CPI) of the Organized Crime, in Brasilia, Godofredo Bittencourt, then managing of the State Department of Criminal Inquiry (Deic) - in charge investigating the PCC, it said: “Had a time where the government of the State committed an error, when caught the leadership of the PCC and the outlaws most dangerous redistributed and them for Brazil, between Brasilia, Rio Grande Do Sul and other states as Rio De Janeiro, Mato Grosso of the South and Bahia… then, this, in the reality, finished making a “certain marriage ”? Then, in the reality the PCC is strong in the capital, but it is supported in all Brazil, where goes. He really turned a fever”. The criminal command is prepotent and arrogant. It obtained, throughout these years, to co-opt until lawyers, who had passed of defenders of prisoners, for allies the “party”. Some lawyers already imprisoned had been accused to take orders of a chain to another one the control of the PCC. Creative - for the side of the evil it is clearly - the paid PCC course of right for students with the objective of that, in the future, when formed, them they come to defend them. Until a page in the Internet the PCC arrived to have. It was created by a prisoner who - considered of good behavior - could use the computer of the room of the director of the penitentiary. It used to make the page of the PCC, discovered for journalists and taken off of air for the policy. The main ally of the command is the cellular, present telephone inside of almost all the 140 São Paulo chains. With them the heads of the PCC give its orders for other chains and for that they are of the side of it are. Orders of the crime. In a chain of the interior of São Paulo, during one blitz, the policy found, in the cell of an only prisoner, eight cellular ones. It was a true cell-office of where the prisoner commanded its “businesses” trafficking drugs between São Paulo, Minas Gerais and Paraná. The “power” of the PCC in the chains is so great that in one of them, the Prison of Araquara, also in the inside of São Paulo, had mounted a true brothel. Women of program were contracted to give “services” to the prisoners of the PCC. She capsized almost that a motel. The service of the outlaws. In the Cabaret of the Crime each program cost of R$ 100 R$ 300, depending on the woman and the money of the outlaw. The party in the chain lasted two years almost and alone it finished in 2005 when the policy and the Public prosecution service had received denunciations and had been to investigate. In the inquiry, with more than 200 pages, they are the depositions of ten prostitutes to the commission agent Jesus Nazaré Romão, responsible for the case. All they had confirmed that they had kept sexual relations in the chain with prisoners of the PCC. In the passed year, an employee of the penitentiary was imprisoned and defendant to facilitate the life of chefões of the faction. He received money to allow, among others things, that the prisoners could order its meals in a restaurant of the city. He said the policy that one of the chefões asked for, constantly, a succulent plate of shrimps… This exactly chefão gained the right to have, in its cell, a mattress of water! It is thus the PCC: a group of the insolent and audacious organized crime.

Source: Fátima Souza. " HowStuffWorks - As the PCC functions - First Command of the Capital". Published in 04 of December of 2007 (brought up to date in 09 of September of 2008).